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A Su-paw-star visited Streetlife!

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming a gorgeous little pup into Streetlife Blackpool! Everyone really enjoyed meeting Jessie, the gorgeous golden cockapoo!

Jessie seemed to enjoy her time with us, and she definitely got plenty of cuddles! Some of our fantastic young people loved playing games with Jessie.

Spending time with animals has so many benefits, and we really loved Jessie the dog! Being around animals can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some of the ways that animals can help to improve your well-being.

How can animals support well-being?

Companionship – Animals are great to be around, and they can help people to feel less lonely. Having an animal around can also give you something to focus on, as you are there to care for them.

Reduces anxiety – It’s normal to feel anxious every so often, but taking time out is important so that you can deal with it effectively. Sometimes, this can mean taking your mind off things by doing something different. Having an animal around gives you an excuse to think about something else. Most animals are loving, so you can bet they’re always up for a cuddle! Make sure to check with the owner before petting any animals.

Increases physical activity – Having an animal around can help you to increase the amount of physical activity that you complete. Whether it’s heading out for a walk or playing with a ball in the garden, getting out and about can be great for your well-being!

Mental health and well-being are very important to us at Streetlife. We run regular workshops and plan activities to support vulnerable young people in the local area. Additionally, we run a number of workshops to help young people develop skills that can help them throughout their lives. Some of our fantastic workshops include arts and crafts, cooking and money management. Find out more about The Base.

It was so great to have Jessie visit the Streetlife team, and our young people really enjoyed the visit. We are hoping Jessie will come and visit again soon. Thank you to Rachael, our Changing Futures Link worker, for bringing Jessie to Streetlife for the day!

Jessie dog visits Streetlife