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“Literally Saving Lives”

“Literally Saving Lives” – BBC Radio 5 Live Interview

On 28th November 2018 Rachel, Dan, Will, Elisha and Aaron were at Media City in Manchester to take part in a pre-recorded radio show with BBC Radio 5 Live

The show explores youth homelessness and follows each of their experiences everything from rough sleeping in a bush to sleeping in a car park. The young people spoke about their circumstances which lead to them being homeless.

Rachel talks about how Streetlife helps young people and the services the charity offer.

The programme was aired live on the Steve Nolan show in December. Below you listen to the full interview.

Afterwards they took part in a private tour of The BBC and even had a go at presenting the weather.

without Streetlife all four of the young people don’t think they’d be alive today

Listen to the full interview below: